Vision & Mission

1. College offers education of high standard to all classes of students at lowest possible expenses.

2. College that continuously improves the quality of its academic activities and support programme.

3. College that implements the best of academic practices to satisfy every member associated with it.

4. College that nurtures human values and ethics to make students better citizens of the future.

5. College engaged in upliftment of the society it serves.

In all humility wo hope our efforts towards these goals will not be in vain.

The objectives of the College were laid down in the Memorandum of Association of Kulti College, 1986. It was felt however that with passage of time the objectives of the College require to be restated in the light of new perspective of Education of the 21st century. Accordingly the following objectives are enacted and declared :

Kulti College shall undertake to organize and lead its students, teachers, employees and alumni to join in social service activities so that Education, Child care, Good health, Healthy culture and Good life is made possible for the members of the community and of the neighborhood.